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In today’s challenging mortgage environment, FHA approved brokers & lenders are scrambling to find certified FHA mortgage credit examiners to help in making critical loan approval decisions. To learn the fundamentals of FHA credit review & analysis NAMP® has teamed up again with CampusFHA® to develop a proprietary "professional development" training & certification program entitled: Certified FHA Credit Examiner (NAMP®-CFCE). The NAMP®-CFCE certification program combines a 6-hour live, instructor-led online training webinar with a 30-question exam & background check. 

The NAMP®-CFCE program will teach students the basics of mortgage credit analysis as well as how to complete a mortgage credit review of FHA insured mortgage types. Students will also gain an understanding of mortgage credit underwriting guidelines, where they relate to FHA insured mortgage types. The NAMP®-CFCE program will also enable students to determine when a case needs to be downgraded to a refer as well as understand basic principles of due diligence in underwriting where it relates to FHA insured mortgage types and documentation requirements for FHA insured mortgage types.

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Tools For Leadership. We have all the right tools to help you succeed. NAMP® offers award-winning FHA classes to help you meet the requirements and prepare for your success. 

- Learn the Basics of Mortgage Credit Analysis
- Learn to Complete a Mortgage Credit Review of FHA Insured Mortgage Types
- Understand Mortgage Credit Underwriting Guidelines
- Determine When a Case Needs to be Downgraded to a Refer
- Understand Basic Principles of Due Diligence in Underwriting
- Understand Documentation Requirements for FHA Insured Mortgage Types
- And Much More!

If you are an individual who would like to demonstrate your commitment to professional excellence and distinguish yourself as a leader within the FHA credit examination industry—the NAMP®-CFCE designation is the right certification program for you.

How it Works. The NAMP®-CFCE is designed for any mortgage professional, including underwriters, closers, post-closers, brokers, loan officers, loan originators, servicers and loan processors wishing to fully understand the fundamentals of FHA credit examination -- and learn everything from A to Z. With 6 hours of comprehensive online training through our online mortgage training partner CampusFHA®, the NAMP®-CFCE status allows a FHA mortgage loan underwriter or loan processor to highlight their FHA loan experience level and set his/herself apart from the rest of job candidates. 

Course Disclaimer: We put together the NAMP®-CFCE program for educational purposes only, and make no claim you will find a job as a FHA credit examination professional. Furthermore, we are not owned, operated or affiliated with any State/Federal Government Agency. The NAMP®-CFCE program is strictly a proprietary "professional development" training & certification program which NAMP® put together independent of any Government agency, including

Earning a NAMP®-CFCE Certification through NAMP® means you have:
- Completed 6 Hours of Online Training.
- Passed a 30-Question Exam.
- Passed a Background Check (via a secure online portal).
- Agree to Maintain NAMP® Membership in Good Standing.
- Agree to Maintain the Highest Ethical & Professional Standards.

TOTAL PRICE: $395.00... SAVE $100

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