Certified Ambassador Loan Processor (NAMP®-CALP)

The Certified Ambassador Loan Processor (NAMP®-CALP) is a "professional development" training & certification program and the most highest level mortgage processing certification program NAMP® has to offer. Attaining NAMP®-CALP can help take your existing mortgage processing career to the next level.

NAMP®-CALP Certification Includes (7) Online Webinars:

  • Loan Processing 101 - "The Basics" (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
  • Advanced Loan Processing - "Real World Lessons"  (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
  • FHA/VA Processing - "For Processors"  (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
  • Underwriter 101 - "The Essentials" (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
  • FHA 203(k) Special Rehab Program  (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
  • Tax Returns Analysis Workshop  (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
  • Appraisal Review Workshop  (6-HOUR WEBINAR)

Earning the NAMP®-CALP Certification Means You Have:

  • Completed 42 hours of training through CampusProcessor®
  • Successfully passed a background check (via a 3rd-party  secure online portal).
  • Agreed to abide by the highest professional code of conduct and ethical standards.
  • Passed a timed 1-hour 30-question online "proctored" exam (via webcam) with 80% of Higher.

HOW IT WORKS: As soon as you enroll, we will email you the links/passwords to the Instructor-Led Online Webinars & Course Materials, so you can start taking the training IMMEDIATELY. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Aspiring mortgage processors wishing to learn mortgage processing, from A to Z. Whether you're unemployed and looking to enter the mortgage loan processing profession, or you're currently working at a bank or lender as an loan processor, this loan processor certification program will provide the skills you need to succeed as an effective mortgage processor. Also ideal for underwriting managers looking to train their existing staff on proven loan processing principles.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTORS: Each instructor has an average of 15+ years of prior mortgage underwriter experience, and is very experienced in mortgage underwriting loans nationwide: FHA, VA, Conventional, Commercial, USDA Rural Housing Loans and more. 

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: You will need the following: 1) a Computer, 2) Internet (DSL or higher), 3) Computer Speakers and 4) Webcam/Microphone. Please check beforehand to make sure these items are working properly. Note: dial-up internet connection will not work and wireless internet must have a full signal. 

EXAM FORMAT: The exam is a timed 1-hour open-book online "proctored" (via WebCam) 30-question exam (multiple choice/true & false). You must get 80% or higher to pass exam. NOTE: You may also re-take the exam up to 3 times with a 2-week "cooling off" period in between each failed exam. If you fail the NAMP®-CALP exam three times, you must wait 1 year before you can re-register for the NAMP®-CALP certification -- the 1-year waiting period will start from the date of the third failed exam.

GRADUATION: Upon successful completion of each online webinar, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion. In addition, once you've passed the background check & exam, you will be issued your NAMP®-CALP certificate as a PDF File. 

Yearly NAMP®-CALP Re-Certification: You must re-certify yearly to keep NAMP®-CALP Certification active. And as such, you will have the option each year to renew your NAMP®-CALP certification. If you choose to do so, a $299 re-certification charge will apply each year; at which time, you will be required to take a new exam and pass a new criminal/sex offender background check via a third-party provider. The $299 re-certification charge will provide you with an additional year of access to the updated course materials as well the (42) hours of online training. You’ll also have an additional year to ask questions directly to the instructors. 

Refund Policy & Terms of Use: Before purchasing any NAMP® certification program, we recommend you thoroughly read our Refund Policy & Terms of Use.


TOTAL PRICE: $2,350.00... SAVE $1,755

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