Are you ready for the New Year?

Written By: Theresa Furzland

2012 is here. A year of promises to be made and a year of prophecies. Promises of positive change and prophecies of imminent doom. Whichever it may be I think we can be assured that it is going to be yet another year of change in our industry. So in other words…the same old thing.

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It is tempting to spend time wondering what this New Year is to bring and to try to plan out strategies to make the best of it. At the same time, it is hard not to spend time mulling over what this past year has brought. As I look over 2011 and the extreme changes it has brought not only in our profession but even more so personally it makes me realize that all the grandest plans and schemes in the world will not change anything. It is the fundamentals that matter and this applies in all circumstances.

In life in general there are basics that everyone needs to deal with, whether they are rich and famous or homeless and living on the street. Everyone must get a good night sleep, must eat properly, and must take care of their health, their family and their surroundings to the best of their ability.

In a professional career, these same basics apply. Whether for the CEO of a major corporation or the first time employee frying hamburgers. Everyone, everyday must look after the health and welfare of their career and to do so properly must handle their job duties to the best of their ability.

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As the politicians make their grand promises and ask for your individual support this year, keep this thought in mind. How are they handling their everyday responsibilities? We need people in our government that are looking to the fundamentals in all aspects of their personal and professional lives also if we expect to see any positive advances made this election year.

Each of us ourselves can best face the challenges we are sure to meet in this coming year by using this same principle. By doing our best each and every day to meet every obligation to the best of our abilities we will promote the overall health and welfare of our industry. By “eating properly”, which means obtain the knowledge and education you need to perform your best. By taking care of your personal health, which means not just having a healthy personal life, but also by having a strong ethical health. By this I mean that you take your responsibilities seriously and do not compromise for an “easy solution” and the best way to do this is to stick with the fundamentals and stick to your guns!

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There is no way to deny that 2012 is going to be a year of challenges. There is no way to predict exactly what those challenges will be for each and every one of us, or for all of us. There is one thing for certain however, if sound bites and grand schemes win out over fundamentals and common sense we are in for a tough road.

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