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NAMP®'s mortgage underwriter training division, CampusUnderwriter®, offers "professional development" mortgage underwriting training classes. In fact, many of NAMP®'s certification programs require students to take a certain number of course hours through CampusUnderwriter®. 

As the recognized leader in mortgage underwriting training, CampusUnderwriter® offers students nationwide the learning experience of an in-person class without physically being in the classroom. With recorded instructor-led underwriter training seminars, the classroom is brought to you.

How much does a mortgage underwriter make per year? What is a typical mortgage underwriter salary? We will teach you everything from A to Z, including the average mortgage underwriter salary compensation.

We offer mortgage underwriter training, FHA DE Underwriter PREP packages, LAPP/SAR Underwriter, FHA classes, loan processor training, seminars, certification programs, career training as well as job placement assistance.