It’s an amazing time to be a Loan Processor!

Written By: Tanisha Daniels

When I entered the mortgage industry back in February 2001, I had no clue that this business model for corporate America even existed.

Coming from the telecommunications industry this was a huge culture shock for me. I had no clue that behind the walls of this non-descript high rise building that there were multiple floors of major real estate transactions taking place for properties in over 45 different states. There were people there at all hours of the day and night – all focusing on managing their pipeline.

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Training was non existent. There was so much activity that to meet the company’s production goals – we had 2 weeks training and were then placed on a team and assigned files. More seasoned processors mentored us, but I was responsible for getting my files cleared to fund – nobody else.

You learned to sink or swim. I swam – far.

By 2003 I was managing a pipeline of over 50 loans for another large prime lender and I realized that not only would loan processing earn me a great income, but it gave me access to learning things about the mortgage industry that would allow me to never encounter a glass ceiling in my mortgage career.

I had found a home for my professional life. I realized no software program would ever replace me – I was the connector of the originator and the underwriter. I was the borrower’s lifeline to the status of their loan. My service was viewed as an asset to all.

And better yet – my knowledge was free to share.

With 10 plus years in my beloved mortgage industry under my belt, with successful contributions as a front-line Underwriter, a post-closing Underwriter, an Account Executive, a Loan Modification Processor, and now as the most recent addition to the Mortgage University and Loan Processor University Team, I am grateful to share my experiences with you.

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In this encore career as a Mortgage Loan Processor I’m learning more about originating in today’s regulatory environment, preparing to take my NMLS exams, and providing contract loan processing to a few MLO’s. More learning. More sharing.

The one thing this industry has taught me is that change is constant, but knowledge is forever. So let’s embrace the changes ahead and learn how to dance in the rain.

It truly is a great time to be a Loan Processor.

About The Author

Tanisha Daniels - As an NAMP® staff writer, Tanisha Daniels is a lead instructor for Loan Processor University ( as well as has over 10+ years mortgage experience. She has used her baseline experience in loan processing to contribute to progressive and successful roles supporting Retail, Wholesale, and Correspondent clients. She has worked as a frontline and post-closing Underwriter, Account Executive, and Loan Modification Processor. She currently works as a contract Loan Processor for 2 small independent licensed Retail MLO’s. If you're interested in becoming a writer for NAMP®, please email us at:

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