Bi – Weekly Mortgage Programs - Will you pay your Mortgage off faster?

Written By: Glenn Michaels

Typically mortgage payments are calculated on a monthly basis and a borrower is scheduled to make twelve (12) mortgage payments a year. However, borrowers that sign up for a Bi – weekly mortgage are scheduled to make thirteen (13) mortgage payments a year.

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Every mortgage has a specified interest rate that has a corresponding interest rate factor. The interest rate factor is always multiplied against the unpaid principal balance to determine the interest allocation for the month.

If a borrower make thirteen (13) payments a chunk of funds will be applied to principal reduction and that interest rate factor will be applied against a lower unpaid principal balance thereby increasing the principal reduction and lowering the interest allocation for the month.

Most bi – weekly loans the thirteenth (13th) payment is allocated to principal reduction and the scheduled mortgage will be reach maturity at faster pace than if a borrower paid their mortgage the traditional way, twelve (12) mortgage payments. If a borrower pays on a bi – weekly basis their balance will be brought to maturity at a quicker pace than a borrower paying the traditional way.

A borrower who takes out a $300,000.00 mortgage at 5% for thirty (30) years has a monthly principal and interest payment of $1,610.46 plus escrow for taxes and insurance. The interest rate factor for a 5% mortgage loan is .0041666%. Each month the unpaid principal balance is multiplied by the interest rate factor to determine the interest allocation of the mortgage payment. Below are two examples, one is for a borrower paying twelve payments annually and one if for a borrower paying thirteen payments annually. The principal reduction moves more rapidly for a bi – weekly payer.

The principal allocation increased $6.50 by receiving the lump sum of $805.23 towards principal. Prior to the lump sum the principal allocation was increasing about $1.57 monthly. This shows an accelerated principal reduction an obviously the mortgage balance will go down at a faster speed than scheduled.

If a borrower is disciplined he could accomplish the same thing by paying $100.00 a month towards principal reduction. In addition if a borrower does not have the half payment in the bank as required in a bi – weekly mortgage the borrower can skip the principal reduction any particular month and still accomplish his goal of paying off the mortgage early.

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If a borrower pays $100.00 towards principal reduction each and every month for the first twelve (12) months the unpaid principal balance will come out more favorable without putting a squeeze on a borrower’s budget.

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