FileInvite Selects NAMP® to Introduce Offerings to Mortgage Processors & Underwriters Nationwide


FileInvite announced today it has selected the National Association of Mortgage Processors® (NAMP®) to advertise its document collection services to the NAMP® community of mortgage processors & underwriters nationwide.


FileInvite boasts a unique cloud-based service that can increase productivity by 35%, enabling mortgage processors & underwriters to save time and focus squarely on core business initiatives.

FileInvite recognized that NAMP®’s audience of mortgage processors & underwriters is the ideal community to introduce and offer its innovative document collection services, so customers can collect & transfer data seamlessly and effortlessly.

Birthed as a solution to the on-boarding and documentation of multiple clients, FileInvite helps companies automatically share, fetch and collect multiple documents from multiple clients. Their users are trusted advisors from around the world, including: Mortgage Brokers, Property Professionals, Realtors, Immigration Consultants, Education Agents, Lawyers and Accountants.

The company was founded when the CEO James Sampson, then leading of Zyber, a website development company, struggled with the manual process of collecting client documents. They needed to collect copy, content documents, logos, images and files for creating websites. Keeping track of all this was impossible so they built a tool to manage the requests and communicate with clients. It worked so well, the team at Zyber saw that this tool could be used by many other companies, so it was rebuilt from scratch with a host of new features and FileInvite was born.

FileInvite’s core users are mortgage processors and brokers who collect important & sensitive documents from their clients (borrowers). Together with NAMP®, FileInvite has been able to successfully introduce a new cutting-endge approach to secure document collection & sharing -- which the entire mortgage industry needs. Click Here to Read Full Press Release >>