What's New at NAMP® for 2016

What's New at NAMP® for 2016...

At NAMP® we are always striving to improve and enhance our mortgage underwriter training curriculum, "professional development" certification programs, product offerings, member benefits and more. We also work hard to offer new & exciting products/services that can help benefit members and non-members alike.

Below is the latest round of improvements for 2016: 

  1. New NAMP® & NAMU® Online Store... You've asked and we've delivered. From coffee mugs, to t-shirts, pens and more. Now you can purchase your favorite NAMP® & NAMU® items. Click Here to Shop Now >>
  2. New Certification "Oversight Committee" Coming Soon... We are in the process of assembling a small group of mortgage industry professionals from different disciplines: CEO level, underwriting manager, senior processing, etc.) to serve as an impartial review committee for our various NAMP® certification programs. Each committee member will be responsible for reviewing course materials, recommending new courses, suggesting certification enhancements, and more. 
  3. New Online Timed "Proctored" Exams... Starting in June 2016 we now use a "proctored" exam format which means we are now able to confirm you are the actual exam taker. With that said, you’ll now need a webcam & microphone, and when you take the exam online, there will be a live person who will confirm your identity by requesting your picture ID as well as guide you through a series of security questions to confirm your identity. 
  4. New Exam Re-Take Policy... Starting in June 2016 you may now re-take the NAMP® certification exam up to 3 times with a 2-week "cooling off" period in between each failed exam. If you fail the NAMP® exam three times, we will issue a full refund, and will require you to wait 1 year before you can re-register for the NAMP® certification. NOTE: the 1-year waiting period will start from the date of the third failed exam.
  5. New Yearly NAMP® Re-Certification... Starting in June 2016 we now require you to re-certify yearly in order to keep NAMP® certification active. And as such, you will have the option each year to renew your NAMP® certification. If you choose to do so, a $299 re-certification charge will apply each year; at which time, you will be required to take a new exam and pass a new criminal/sex offender background check via a third-party provider. The $299 re-certification charge will provide you with an additional year of access to the updated course materials as well the required online training. You’ll also have an additional year to ask questions directly to the instructors.