Add Your Certification to LinkedIn & Get $395 Class Voucher

We allow our members to add their NAMP® certification acronym (for example, NAMP®-CMLP) to their profile. In an effort to incentivize our members to "get the word out" and show their support for our NAMP® certification programs, we will give each member a $395 CampusProcessor® class voucher for simply adding their NAMP® certification acronym to their profile. 


Add NAMP® certification acronym to your profile (for example, NAMP®-CMLP).
Email us at with the words " Profile" in the email Subject Heading. Also include in the body of the email: your name, phone & phone #. 
From here, we will check your profile and will need to add you as a "Connection".
Once we have validated your profile, we will email you the $395 CampusProcessor® class voucher, which you can use for any class offered by CampusProcessor®.  NOTE: there is NO expiration date on the voucher.

Got Questions? Feel free to call us at 1-800-977-1197